Councilwoman Shellie Milne calls for Supervisor Washington to reverse

HEMET, CA — Councilwoman Shellie Milne is calling on Supervisor Chuck Washington to reverse his decision to end funding for the Riverside Inmate Destination Endeavor Program. She will introduce a resolution at the Hemet City Council Tuesday, August 25th, calling on the County to continue the program.

The program helps protect local neighborhoods from crime by providing taxi transportation vouchers for those discharged from County Jail between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. when other transportation options are not available.

“It is imperative that this program stays in place,” said Milne. “Without this program, the public transit options are bus route 79, meaning these released inmates are going to either downtown Temecula or the Hemet mall.

“If carried out as originally intended this program takes the offender to their place of residence instead of the place of their choice and the corrections officers at the detention center can alert the local authorities of where the offenders are returning to, providing transparency and accountability in government and a win for the citizens.

“The Board of Supervisors and specifically Supervisor Washington needs to provide leadership and ensure that a program that provides public safety peace of mind for its citizens continues,” concluded Milne.

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