“As a mother, a family farmer, and a small business owner, I am committed to improving our local economy, keeping taxes down and making our homes and neighborhoods safe from crime,” said Milne. “I believe my no-nonsense fiscally conservative approach to government is what our district needs and wants in its Supervisor.”


Shellie and her husband Kevin reside in Hemet and have 6 children, ages 9-25. Shellie works as a management consultant for retail stores and municipalities, focusing on streamlining and efficiency. The Milne family owns a dirt work and excavation company, which gives Shellie the unique perspective of the cumbersome and hostile environment that the federal and local governments inflict upon small business owners. 

As a Hemet City Council Member, Shellie was has consistently been the voice of smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and will continue to represent those same principles as Riverside County’s 3rd District Supervisor.

As a grassroots organizer and on the Hemet City Council, Shellie has a proven record of building consensus and getting results.  Shellie spearheaded the charge on passing E-verify in several cities in Riverside County; Successfully brought to the ballot and passed, with overwhelming results, the reduction of city council compensation, removal of taxpayer funded benefits and implemented term limits for city council’s; Lead the drive to privatize numerous service departments in the City of Hemet; In concert with the Hemet Police Department  established a Special Needs Registry to maximize public safety service for the special needs community;  Prioritized the funding of 11 positions to Hemet’s Police Department and adopted stronger accountability policies for substandard Landlords, recognizing the betterment efforts of proactive landlords.  

“One of my key principles is the fiscal responsibility  of our governing leaders, especially when it comes to the size and reach of government. The more that government takes from the taxpayers, the more ways government tries to justify spending all of it and committing even more than it has in hand.” said Milne.