Milne impresses us more with her proposals to streamline county government and steer the county in the necessary direction. Calling for performance audits of county departments, removing barriers to economic development in the county and clearly articulating the need for responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, even when it comes to public safety departments, Milne is a principled conservative with the experience to stand up for taxpayers.

We are also intrigued by Milne’s proposal to create a Property Rights Advisory Committee, consisting of volunteers from the district, to review and make recommendations regarding land use policies in the county.

Her experience on the Hemet City Council speaks to this. Milne has consistently stood up for the best interests of taxpayers, even when it may be politically unpopular. Given the dire predicament the county finds itself in, we think her perspective would contribute to pushing the county in the direction it needs to go.

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Tim Donnelly

Former California Assemblyman
Author Liberty Preservation ACT (AB351)

Peter F. Schabarum

Father of California Term Limits (Prop 140)
Member, Los Angeles County
Board of Supervisors (19 years)Ronald Regan appointee

Ron Bradley